Current Lineup

We currently offer four shows, BUZZ TALK, JUKE BOX, POT RADIO NEWS, and ASK DR. GROW. Hopefully, we will be able to upload a new episode of each show at least every other week. Our staff is small, so


ASK DR. GROW answers your questions about growing cannabis. Each show is about 15 minutes long.


POT RADIO NEWS is a brief 5 - 10 minute news show with the latest headlines that relate to cannabis, laws, activism, politics and more.


BUZZ TALK features Brother Duke and Sister T, two members of the Baby Boomer generation who get high and talk about weed, current issues, funny stories and more.


JUKE BOX WITH BROTHER DUKE brings you original music from upcoming artists and some Golden Oldies.


All shows will remain online on our YOUTUBE Channel and our SPREAKER Channel for future listening, so if you are not able to listen right away, you can always tune in later. Check the page for each show to see links to episodes. Clicking on any of the show logos will take you to the YouTube playlist for that show.


When it becomes possible, we will add more shows to our lineup and add more frequent broadcasts.  We are hoping that in the future we will be able to do some LIVE broadcasts. We will keep you informed of our progress on this page.


Quick Contact


P. O. Box 366

Firestone, CO  80520-0366

Quick Bio

We love talking about pot, having fun, enjoying music,  and promoting legalization efforts.  Check out our shows and give us your feedback and suggestons for show topics.