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Our Mission

Pot Radio’s mission is to inform, educate and entertain the public with news, music, humor and talk shows about pot. Weed, cannabis, marijuana, pot, and ganja are all names for the pot we hold in high esteem.We love bringing you the latest news and developments related to what Morgan Freeman refers to as “God’s Own Weed.”

Who We Are

We are a loosely associated group of people who share a common passion for pot. Some of us  grow it. Some of us  write books about it. We do shows about it. And of course, we smoke it, vape it and eat it.  We enjoy talking about pot and we love to learn new things about it.  There is always something new to learn, as the industry changes daily.Info about each of us is below.

Justin Griswell

aka Dr. Grow, Justin  has more than 12 years experience growing cannabis. He grows organically, using low cost methods. He has co-authored six books on various aspects of growing cannabis. There are several more books in the pipeline. Justin continues to experiment with new products and techniques to produce the best organic cannabis that he can. Justin also grows organic food and bonsai trees. Justin is developing some new strains with great results. His "day job" is working for a large organic commercial cannabis grow operation in Colorado.

Brother Duke

A professional musician, student of life and former educator. His life experience allows him to offer insights into the cannabis culture and the world in general. As is typical with musicians, Brother Duke began exploring cannabis when he started playing music professionally in the late 1960s. He travels, writes & produces music and enjoys life to the fullest. Brother Duke created the intro music for the Buzz Talk, Pot Radio News and Ask Dr. Grow shows. He is interested in creativity in its many forms. Follow him on Twitter @BrothaDuke.

Victoria Young

A medical marijuana patient, using it to control nerve pain from an inherited neuromuscular disease.  She also prefers cannabis rather than cocktails to relax.  Victoria is a writer, designer and business woman. She is one of the two founding partners of Doctor Grow, LLC (along with Justin Griswell) and has co-authored six books on growing weed. She has lived in Colorado for many years and embraces the legalized cannabis available there. Her first encounter with cannabis was in the late sixties.


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We love talking about pot, having fun, enjoying music,  and promoting legalization efforts.  Check out our shows and give us your feedback and suggestons for show topics.